The Home Of Authentic Denim Works

Welcome to Soldier Blue London; One of the world’s leading denim restoration and customisation atelier. Located just five minutes walk from our original Son Of A Stag store, Soldier Blue is our Aladdin's cave of vintage equipment and creative thinking. Our team of specialist denim tailors offer an array of services including repair and restoration, customisation, fitting. We are also the home of vintage up-cycling with hundreds of quality vintage products being updated and invigorated by our tailors each month to create something truly new and original. 

The Gear

They say the old ones are the best. And we agree! That's why we have trawled the world to build a collection of machines which each have their own individual charm and unique purpose. They range in age from the late 1800's to the 1960's. Union Special, Reece, Cornely, Singer... their modern equivalents just don't do it the same! So we have given all of our machines the tlc that they need to do their thing properly, and we use them every day to bring your jeans back to life in a truly original and authentic way. So, if you're interested in getting some work done, why not drop us a message or stop by our store for a chat!

Why Repair?

We understand that jeans wear out. Hey, they are made to be worn and worn hard! But we also understand how sentimental denim can be to you. You might remember the summer you spent without washing your jeans which earned you those fades, or the fall off your skateboard which gave you that perfectly gnarly knee rip. Your jeans are a part of you which is why we are so meticulous in our methodology; to repair your jeans in a way which fits you perfectly. 

At Soldier Blue we love our planet and we want to see it thrive. That's why we encourage you to repair instead of re-buy. Bringing your garments into us for customisation and restoration works means that not only do you have have your favourite items back fully loaded. Repairing your jeans helps to repair the world.