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Why is a chain stitched hem preferable to a regular lock stitch hem? Does it really make a difference?

Why should I repair my old jeans and not just buy a new pair? My current pair have a massive crotch blowout. Can they still be saved?

Do you ship overseas?

Why do you only use vintage machines?

What is the difference between a taper with topstitch and without?

What are the limitations with waist adjustments? Does the alteration always have to be taken out of the seat, or can it come from the sides also?

I always wear through my pockets very quickly. Is that something you guys can fix?

Why should I wash my jeans before bringing them to you?

Can you repair a belt loop - do you repair or replace totally?

Can you put in brace buttons?

Can you repair button holes?

How long do the alterations take to complete on average?